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Summer Season Tryouts

This link is for all players K - 12 (Academy and AAU Travel)

AAU Travel Teams

We will be playing on the NY2LA Circuit this season.  This is the largest independent circuit in the country with the greatest turnout of college coaches.  Our teams will also play in GASO and various other high exposure and showcase events.   

 We have a few open roster spots - sign up for a tryout and we will invite you out to practice with the appropriate team for a tryout!

Texas Tar Heels - Boys Competitive Travel Teams 2021

  • 2024 / 9th Grade Black 
  • 2024/ 9th Grade Blue (2 Teams)
  • 2023/ 10th Grade Blue (2 Teams)
  • 2022/11th Grade Black
  • 2022/ 11th Grade Blue

Texas Tar Heels - Boys Local Tournament Teams 2021

  • 3rd Grade
  • 4th Grade 
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade  
  • 8th Grade
  • 9th Grade

Texas Tar Heels - Girls Local Tournament Teams 2021

  • 5th Grade 

Academy Teams

Summer Academy Teams Now Forming!

We have Academy Teams who play year round in the Grapevine Fieldhouse League!  This gives players a chance to develop their skills and build their team chemistry.  We use this to build our teams and prepare them for tournament play.   

We are seeking players who want to join our academy teams and want to:

  • Play year round
  • Work hard on developing their skills outside of practice
  • Contribute to a team and join our basketball family

Summer  2021 Academy Teams

  • Kinder - 1st Grade (co-ed)
  • 2nd Grade Boys
  • 3rd Grade Girls
  • 3rd Grade Boys
  • 4th Grade Girls
  • 4th Grade Boys
  • 5th Grade Girls
  • 5th Grade Boys
  • 6th Grade Boys
  • 7th Grade Boys
  • 8th Grade Boys

A few of our teams will be moving to tournament play in the summer, if you are interested in trying out for one of these teams, please sign up for a tryout today!

Summer  2021 Tournament Teams

  • 3rd grade boys
  • 4th grade boys
  • 5th grade girls
  • 6th grade boys
  • 7th grade boys
  • 8th grade boys
  • 9th grade boys
Sign up here for a tryout!

Third Grade Girls Team

Girls Teams!


  • Girls Academy Teams 
  • Kinder - 2nd Grade (Co-ed)
  • 4th & 5th Grade  - all girls

Why join the Texas Tar Heels?

Named a Top 5 AAU Team - 2020

Our program also prepares young players for careers outside basketball

Texas Tar Heels Logo

“This is a top notch organization! One of the best things my child was ever a part of! Great coaches of the game of basketball, but most importantly leaders and role models of what young men should be.” 

“Everything they are teaching these boys and girls is exactly what they need from basketball. My son will be a better man for having played for you.” 

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