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Video Testimonials

Tony Deadman - Texas Tar Heels (2012)

Isiah Brown - "The First Texas Tar Heel"

Former Dallas Mavericks Coach Avery Johnson

From our Families 

"I would say that being part of the Tar Heels Basketball program was a real God thing for me.  It allowed me an avenue to impact young men's lives and in turn be a true blessing to me, my boys and our family.  The young men in the program really touched me and it was through them that God showed me so many things about myself and my walk with him.  I really feel that it is a true testimony to Coach Nate, the organization, the coaches, the parents and the players that so many young men's lives have been positively impacted and that their brotherhood continues to be there long after the bouncing of the ball on the court has faded.  I have a story for each kid that put on a TTH jersey and for that I will ever be grateful to have been part of the Texas Tar Heels FAMILY."

-Coach Milton

Coach Nate, Eric and I will forever be grateful for you and the way you took Josh Lewis and mentored him when he was at an impressionable age. We loved all of those years we spent watching him on the court and watching him grow as a young man. Not everyone gets that mentoring and I know we are blessed you put the time and energy into Josh. Those lessons not only improved his game, but most importantly his growth as a young man. Keep doing what you are doing!!!


We have been blessed to have really great kids and parents alike to come through this program.  And the most important and rewarding thing is that "WE" never turned  down one kid that joined our program.  Unlike these other big name programs that claim to care about the kids only to find out they only cared about the organizations namesake.  To these programs if your name was not already known on the AAU circuit you couldn't play for them.  Very few programs did it from the bottom up as we did.  We lost a lot of kids to the programs that I speak of after we took the kid in built a skill set,  attitude and prepped them to play at an AAU level.  The kids LOVED US as Coaches and we LOVED THEM back equally as player's  and most importantly,   young men!  This is why I do it......#TEXASTARHEELS