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Training & Skills

Training & Skills

Coach Nate has the unique gift to successfully develop players at all levels.   He works with middle school & high school players to attain their goals of  competing at the next level as well as effectively teaching the game to beginner elementary and middle school players.  

He has a proven track record of working with hundreds of players not only to improve their basketball skills and IQ but also  help build their self confidence both on and off the court.

Scroll down to see our training schedule and how to sign up your student athlete!

Spring Skills Training - Coming Soon!

Skills  Training and  Scrimmage Experience!

Sign your student athlete up for our  Skills Training and / or Scrimmage games if you want:

  • Extra Court Time
  • Intensive Skills Training
  • Real time pointed correction
  • Instant  feedback -- in game

We love this opportunity to teach and develop basketball IQ!   

coach nate

Skills Training

In these 60 minute sessions, players will focus is on the fundamentals - ball handling, shooting, passing, rebounding, defense and agility (footwork).

The main focus is on controlling the basketball - not only in dribbling but also ball control in passing and shooting.

Scrimmage Training

Your student athlete will added court time and help to build their court awareness in these 60 Minute Scrimmage Training Sessions

  • Coach Nate will provide in game teaching (stop scrimmage to instruct)  to help players better understand the game.
  • Learn how to utilize their skills in game situations, when to pass, what type of pass to make, setting screens, cutting to basket and more.

Beginner Level Skills

Players Grades: 2nd, 3rd, & 4th 

Beginner Level is for players who are new to the game or have played one to two season and want to focus on developing their skills and get a better understand of the basic concepts of offense, defense, when to pass, etc.


Day:   Wednesdays ( 10 Weeks) 

Start Date:  September 7th

End Date:   November 9th 

Time:  5pm - 6pm 

Location:  Grapevine Fieldhouse

Beginner Skills Sign Up

Recreation Level Skills

Grades:   5th to High School

Recreation Level Players have played 1 or more years in a league and have basic concepts of basketball.  


Days:   Tuesdays - 5th & 6th Graders

                 Wednesdays 6th - 8th  Grade

                  Tuesdays  8th - High School 

Start Date:   Week of 9/5.  (10 Weeks)

End Date:  Week of 11/7

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Skills Training Sign Up!

Recreation Level Scrimmage Training

Grades:   4th - 6th

Recreation Level Players have played 1 or more years in a league and have basic concepts of basketball.  



Day:   Wednesdays  (10 Weeks)

Start Date:  September 7th

End Date:   November 9th 

Time:  6pm - 7pm

Location:  Grapevine Fieldhouse

Rec Level Scrimmage Sign Up

Tournament Level Scrimmage

Grades: 5th and 6th 

Tournament Level Players have played at least one full season of tournament ball.   



Day:   Wednesdays (10 weeks)

Start Date:  September 7th

End Date:   November 9th 

Time:  7pm - 8pm

Location:  Grapevine Fieldhouse

Tournament Level Scrimmage Sign Up!

Vertimax Training

Vertimax is a state of the art training specifically designed to maximize athletic potential by focusing on three key components: speed, explosive power and vertical jump.  To schedule a session, call Sharon at 214-223-2458.

Shooting machine

This high-tech machine is placed under a basket to catch shots and throw the ball back to players. It allows for players to take more shots in less time, while it enhances muscle memory through repetition by keeping players moving and catching, shooting and moving to the next spot on the court.

Coach Nate Offers the following training:

  • Private
  • Semi-Private
  • Small Groups
  • Shooting Machine
  • Vertimax


Training & Skills Sessions

Privates - Semi Privates - Small Groups - Shooting Clinics 

Ball Handling Clinics - 3 on 3  and Scrimmage Games!

For more information call: (214) 223-2458

Training & Skills Video Series

Video Session Promot

Our training and skills video series is intended to help you improve a different aspect of you game each week. From shooting, to ball handling, to footwork and conditioning, our videos are intended to help those players who want to work hard and enhance their skills.  

Check back every Monday for a new video.

Come join us!

The Texas Tar Heels Basketball Academy is the fastest growing AAU Basketball Program in the DFW area.  Texas Tar Heels are located in Lewisville, Texas and draw top basketball players from all over North Texas including  Flower Mound, Grapevine, Dallas, Plano and Frisco. DFW AAU Basketball players can come to the Texas Tar Heels to work hard, develop their skills and gain exposure to college coaches.  We are the the largest independent AAU Basketball Program in the DFW area.  DFW AAU Basketball players can come to us and expect high level training to include state of the art Vertimax and a shooting machine.   The Texas Tar Heels Basketball Academy located in North Texas has a proven track record of developing DFW  AAU Basketball athletes to reach their maximum potential.